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Magnum's Pedigree


2013 ASCA Nationals Cattle Champion

HC, HTCh, WTCH Ad Astra Magnum Force, PATDcs, RTDcs, HTAD IIIcsd, HRD IIIs, HTDIIIs, RLFIIIs, HXAcsd, JS-N, GS-O, RS-O

WTCH Diamond S Bozo, RD, RTDcs x WTCH Bear’s Aurora of Windsor, RTDcs,GS-N,JS-O, RS-N



Type I/CE Advanced Disaster Dog


2013 ASCA Nationals

Magnum's 2013 ASCA Cattle Finals Run

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Magnum's 2013 ASCA Cattle Finals Run

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He is an incredibly fast, extremely high drive agility dog.

Magnum truly is one of those, once in a lifetime dogs !  There is nothing he can't do !  He is my right & left arm on the farm.  He has a wonderful temperament, loves everyone he meets & is very easy to live with.  He lives to work, & never quits, has incredible work ethic & tremendous heart. He will problem solve & work totally on his own, yet is very biddable.  His favorite stock is cattle, but he will work anything.  He heads & heels equally well, but would prefer to head.  He will grip hard, but has learned some patience over the years. He has a natural outrun, lift & fetch.  Magnum has earned many High in Trials & High Combined awards.  His favorite Clint Eastwood saying is, “MAKE MY DAY!”.  Always up for a challenge!   

Magnum is major pointed 

Magnum will be standing at stud to approved bitches

ASCA & AKC registered


CHIC #45163

OFA AS-21757G26M-Pl Good

OFA AS EL1936M26-Pl Normal

Eyes clear

Clear of hereditary cataract mutation

CEA/CH Clear

PRA Clear

Pelger-Huet Negative

MDR1-8621 Normal / Normal